Moment gone! Charm gone

A thing in which we have our zero control that is a time, it never stops always running. Same our dreams, always coming and going whether it is fullfilling or not. whether it is achieving or not but it is coming. We always used to see the dreams and try to achieve it, many time we get our dreams fullfilled and many times even after our full effort we never get this.

What is it actually? why this happens why somtimes we are not able to achieve our dreams. In a college time i had a dream like i wish i have a bike and i’ll go to college by the bike. With the help of bike me and my gf will enjoy, will go for long rides and all.

But you know what happend i got gf, we enjoy, we visit places but i didnt get the bike just because of time. If you want anything or anything have to come to you there is always need the permission of time without this you can not get the things.

So college time gone, gf gone, i got my job then i got my bike. Now i have a bike but i dont have that person with whom i want to enjoy, the moment has gone in which i was wishing to live, even i have achieved my dream, i have got whatever i wanted but still it is incomplete.

It is not necessory that you want somthing and you will get that thing at the same time, it could be get delayed. Why!? I mean what is the use of it, if you want a car today and deffinatly you will get a car but you will get it after 10yrs. What is the use of it, if i am not getting the thing when i had actually wanted then i think it is of no use.

Everybody says like whatever you want you have to work on it, you are the only person who has to work on it you are the only one who will get it and enjoy it. But the main item is here moment if that is gone whats the use of it…..!

You know what i always experienced that whatever hapoems with our time that always happens for our good only. Even you are not getting whatever you want in a time it is a good sign only, so it mean i have to think like whaever i am.getting in whatever time that is the excatly correct time for that thing.

How?! And why? Think again..!

Changing things

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Somtimes i think that, how the things are changing now in every way in every conditions. I am seeing our country from 1995, at that time we people were very amaze by seeing the mobile phones, clicking the photos. The time when we were using the letters to transfer the messages and same time we were using the telephone STD/PCO for calling.

As time goes on smartphone came into our world and we were started using the things frequently, i have seen the rapid transition from 90s to 20s. Same the change are happening in our living style also.

As i am seeing the india which known in the world for his tradition, culture, wearing, and societies. indian people how rapidly they are adopting the western culture, how rapidly they are following western style.

A time when people used to hide the things, they shy about there living style they used to hide there actions. They knows these such things are bounded according to there societies, they have some rules and regulations which they have to follow and that rules never come by any theory it has came actually by old people who have given their opinions basis on there experience which has become rule for everyone.

But now people are changing, socities are changing, no body is bounded on rules, they dont need to follow the things they live freely, might be that’s why our society is making new kind of society where i mostly see the image of western culture.

I dont know, this change is going in a right way or wrong way but how the thing is going on this is forcing me to think. Are we doing right.?

People making there love in a public place earlier that was hidden, similarly peoples are willing to live in a relationship where there is no such kind of boundation, they can leave anytime in any way.

People leaving there parents houses and making there own, the bound of love in a family that is ruining. One side people want privacy and another side the same peoples are doing private thing in public, how strange! This things actually not coming from anywhere this is actually going in a wrong way.

Nowadays peoples are not shy, they dont shy to speak, to act, to anything. One side girls are leading, achiving everything another side they are adopting wrong thing too. We people generally use to say that smoking drining is not good, health issue is well known but here it is actually a culture issue. If a person use these things, our society use to avoide these people they wants to discard but on a same page they like to do, this is a dark side of our society actually. Now nobody cares about it, girl & boys there is no differences, everybody is doing everything, anything. Is this a kind of change, are we going in a right direction of change, will this be fruitful for everyone?

Need to think again!

Mind Myth

Everybody knows today we are living in a such way where we have advance technologies for every single task. We dont need to wait for anything, can get anything anytime.

Advance tools to make easy and reduce human efforts. But Who’s hand behind all this. Who is making it possible? Us! We are making all this possible, in one side we are very much scintific and another side we are so much spiritual where we are just away from the science.

We are doing every work being an expert and same time we fear with our destinies, fate. We always used to think like ohh my today’s jodiac sign is saying i’ll not be happy for this day.

We just follow this things and start feeling and thinking about this, even if our day will be good, we still found some negatives and just proove it right. See my sign words are correct my whole day was worst. We see our tarro card, lucky number no body know’s is this exactly a lucky number, we see the horoscope and start accepting, these all are just a faith towards these things in our mind.

Let’s just keep aside this prediction and all, have we ever think like what if dont see these things and live our life as we are living. Have we found any differences!? Same morning, same office/school/college, same day, same people with your meeting. I think nothing is change even you follow or not whatevr is happening this will happens.. So why we follows?

I have found many times i was starting my day by seeing this horoscope prediction and all, some day it has written that day will be very cheerful and fruitful for me. However the day has been gone but whole day i have thought oh yeaa my day is good. Same happend like i found today the day will be not so good for me and from starting of the day i have started to thinking like oh my day will be not good. Without living and facing the thing i have started feeling sad.

So really this things are working, they are giving correct predicion for us and really it is happing like the same.

Our mind is a controller of our body, our feeling, our emotion, happiness, sad angre and everything which is happening in our body. When we start thinking like sad we feels sad when we start feeling like happy we feel happy. So is this things are just for mind changing? Yes this all are our mind myth, which doesnt exist actually. It exist in our mind only.

Again if it is a mind myth then why somtimes we found the things actually happenning, how the prediction somtimes works correctly, what we need to do. Think again!